Lighting Guarantee Warranty

All seller’s fluorescent tubes, starters, self-ballasted, lodine quartz, mercury vapor lamps and Incandescent lamps are guaranteed to be of superior quality. Seller guarantees these products for the following periods of time. All incandescent and iodine quartz lamps + CFL’s are guaranteed for twenty-four (24) months. Seller guarantees all fluorescent starters for sixty (60) months, self-ballasted and mercury vapor lamps for a period of thirty-six (36) months. All seller’s fluorescent tubes and or lamps are guaranteed for five (5) years. The seller’s guarantee is started when the products are placed into its ordinary, intended service. All other products, such as concrete repair and non-electrical products have specific warranty and guarantee periods which may be enclosed In the merchandise package. In addition, all seller’s chemical products are guaranteed to perform as stated on the can and/or drum. Specific guarantees may be requested by contacting the seller’s sales department. If any seller’s product is unsatisfactory It will be replaced free of charge upon the necessary notification process stated in these terms and conditions. The seller’s liability to purchaser shall be limited to the liability assumed by the terms of such a printed warranty. The seller shall be liable for only the replacement of defective merchandise. No other warranty shall apply. In addition, the seller shall have no liability of any kind to the purchaser for any claim arising hereunder unless purchaser shall give the seller notice in writing, of the claim within fifteen (15) days after the occurrence giving rise to the claim. Each notice of claim shall set forth fully the facts in which the claim is based. Under no circumstances shall the seller be liable to fulfill any warranty or guarantee claim if payment by the purchaser is not completed within the payment terms stated on the seller’s invoice and/or billing statement. Seller reserves the right to inspect all merchandise for which a claim had been made. Purchaser agrees to return at the seller’s expense, all merchandise for which a claim has been made. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to examine and inspect each product delivered and to notify the seller within ten (10) days of delivery of any complaint that relates to the merchandise. Failure to do so constitutes a waiver of such complaint. All seller’s products are guaranteed to test correctly at all manufacturing specifications. All lamp finishes or coatings, both inside and outside, are guaranteed for the period of the time stated in the preceding sentences, for each lamp, etc.