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Areas of Concern

• Lawsuits arising from Slips, Trips or Falls (real or fake).

• Increased Property Insurance Premiums for Home or Business owners.

• Notification that your present Insurance carrier will drop your policy.

• Decline in the Resale Value of your Property.

• Maintaining the Beauty, Curb Appeal and Value of your investment.

• Prevention of further damage of the structure due to water infiltration


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Maintain Your Home’s Property Value

The first thing people encounter when they approach a residential or commercial property is the driveway and sidewalk.

Home owners who preserve their investment, have a better chance, when the time comes to sell and the potential buyer doesn’t trip (literally and visually) on the cracks in the sidewalk or driveway.

For businesses, having a welcoming and safe environment for their patrons and employees is invaluable.


Real Estate and Mortgage Companies

Before you can sell a property with any existing safety defects, the following must be performed: Any safety defects in your sidewalk, driveway, steps, porch and stair landings etc. Must be replaced. Such problems can be avoided by repairing them now.


Mortgage companies, either va/fha, or conventional, will demand that you replace any existing safety problems before they will loan money on properties.